The Hearing Voices Network is a movement of voice hearers, professionals and carers that operates hundreds of self-help groups all around the world. Together, we are united in our mission to promote recovery and reduce the stigma associated with voice hearing voices.

Although ‘auditory hallucinations’ are commonly understood as meaningless symptoms of biological illness,  research suggests there are many explanations for hearing voices. Some people begin to hear voices as a result of extreme stress or trauma, while others find spiritual guidance in the form of their voices.

We offer information, support and understanding to people who hear voices and those who support them. Our reputation is growing as the limitations of a solely medical approach to hearing voices become better known. We are committed to helping people who hear voices, and believe that with the right support, the hearing voices approach can help people to find a path to recovery.

The aims of the network are:

  • To support self-help groups around NSW where  voice hearers can talk freely about their experiences in a safe, non-judgemental environment
  • To support anyone with these experiences seeking to understand, learn and grow from them in their own way, using the principles developed by voice hearers in the network.
  • To provide training to mental health professionals to help challenge the harmful paradigm of hopelessness that exists within the mental health system.
  • To encourage hope that recovery and flourishing is possible

We try to achieve our aims through these objectives:

  • Promoting, developing and supporting self-help groups in New South Wales
  • Organising and delivering training sessions for health workers, voice hearers and the general public
  • Supporting, promoting and disseminating research into the hearing voices approach.